What Is Attic Ventilation?

Insulation is only half the battle; the other half is Ventilation!

Proper ventilation will ensure to keep your attic dry during the winter and keep your house cool in the summer. However, it is common to have ventilation problems because homes lack intake vents or exhaust vents for a proper attic ventilation airflow.

What is attic ventilation?


Soffit Vent

Soffit vents are the intake of the airflow moving up into the attic’s baffles air chute. A Fiberglass insulation batt is added to plug the gap and prevent blocking the soffit vent.


Baffle Air Chute

Baffles air chutes, also known as rafter vents, are necessary to ensure the blown-in insulation will not clog the soffit and allows the airflow to move upwards in the attic towards to roof vents.


Roof Vent

Roof ventilators are the exhaust of the attic which allows the airflow to escape and ventilation to keep circulating. You need one ventilator per 300 sq ft of attic.

Moisture control is the key to prevent mould in your attic!

Lack of ventilation will create multiple problems in your house.
  • During the summer, your attic will overheat and make your home hot and cause the air conditioner to run endlessly with no result. Without airflow, the humidity will increase, creating a perfect environment for mould to grow.
  • During the winter, hot air from your home and cold air from outside will create condensation in your attic. Without ventilation to balance the hot and cold airflow, mould will occur and cause roof rot within a few years.

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