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But why stop there? You may have multiple questions about insulation, acoustics, its benefits, our process, and more. That’s why we’ve compiled a handy resource right here on our website. Just click on our FAQs section to browse through commonly asked questions. From understanding insulation basics to detailed aspects of our services, you’ll find a wealth of information waiting for you in our Blog as well!

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What is cellulose fibre insulation?

Cellulose fibre insulation is a type of insulation that is made from recycled paper products, primarily newsprint. It is treated with borates for fire and pest resistance. As a sustainable and highly effective insulation solution, it can be used for both thermal insulation and soundproofing applications.

What makes cellulose fibre insulation sustainable?

The primary material in cellulose insulation is recycled paper, which helps reduce waste going into landfills. Plus, manufacturing cellulose insulation uses less energy compared to other insulation types, contributing to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Is cellulose fibre insulation safe?

Yes, cellulose fibre insulation is safe. It is treated with non-toxic borate compounds, which give it fire resistance and prevent pests.

How is cellulose fibre insulation installed?

Cellulose insulation can be installed using two methods: loose-fill and dense pack. Loose-fill is typically used for attic spaces, while dense pack is often used in wall or ceiling cavities.

How does cellulose fibre insulation contribute to soundproofing?

The dense nature of cellulose fibre insulation makes it an excellent sound barrier. It effectively reduces noise transmission through walls and between floors, providing a more peaceful and quiet environment.

How does cellulose insulation compare to other types of insulation in terms of R-value?

Cellulose insulation has a high R-value, or thermal resistance, which measures the insulation’s ability to resist heat flow. The typical R-value for cellulose insulation is around 3.2 to 3.8 per inch, which is higher than many other types of insulation.

What is the lifespan of cellulose fibre insulation?

If properly installed and protected from the elements, cellulose insulation can last for the lifetime of the building. Its effectiveness and R-value remain constant over time.

Can cellulose fibre insulation be used in older homes?

Absolutely. In fact, cellulose is an excellent choice for older homes as it can be installed without significant disturbance to existing structures. It can be blown into attics and dense-packed into walls and ceilings, filling small spaces and cracks that might be hard to reach with other types of insulation.

Can I install cellulose fibre insulation myself, or do I need a professional?

While it’s possible to install blown cellulose insulation yourself in your attic, we highly recommend hiring professionals like us. Improper installation can reduce the effectiveness of the insulation and potentially lead to issues. As for installing cellulose insulation in your walls or ceilings using the dense-pack technique, only a train professional can operate the specialized equipment needed to be able to perform this type of application.

Why should I choose your company for my cellulose fibre insulation needs?

As a specialized trade contractor, we are in a unique position to understand the importance of using sustainable resources. We specialize in cellulose fibre insulation, providing top-quality installation services for thermal insulation and soundproofing. We are committed to delivering the highest standard of work, ensuring that your insulation lasts and performs optimally for many years to come.

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