Home Insulation

Insulating homes is one of Warm Cozy Cozy’s specialties. We are proud to provide home insulation to Toronto and the surrounding areas. Insulation in your home can directly influence the heat retention and thus the comfort level in your home, which is why we recommend that you insulate both the exterior and interior walls of your residence.

Where to insulate in your home

The importance of insulation in a home is often overlooked, but it is indispensable. Among the many uses for insulation in your home, Warm Cozy Cozy provides recommendations for the following areas as it may not be adequately insulated:

Roof and attic
Exterior and interior walls
Ceilings and floors

Blown-In Insulation

Roof and Attic

A major advantage of blown-in insulation is that it works best in areas with irregular joist spacing or roof shapes.
Small gaps can also be sealed with this type of insulation since it fills in between existing wall studs and ceiling beams quickly and easily.
You can get blown-in insulation in different types such as loose-fill fibreglass and cellulose, which can improve the R-value of your attic and roof.

Dense-Pack Insulation

Exterior Walls

Suppose your exterior walls are cold because of lack or poor insulation. In that case, we can insulate any time of year as dense-pack can be done easily from the home's interior with no drywall removal.
Compared to the average batt insulation (R3 5-3.8 inches), it provides superior insulation. It slows airflow through walls, making your house more energy-efficient and cheaper to heat and cool.

Interior Walls

With dense-pack, it is not necessary to remove the drywall because a small hole is drilled to fill the cavity of the walls, and it is naturally air-tight.
This service is more comprehensive than basic wall insulation, as it also includes drywall and plaster patch repairs with an optional coat of paint.

What sets Warm Cozy Cozy apart as your insulation contractor

As a trusted source for home insulation, Warm Cozy Cozy can inform you about the best materials for each area of your home, saving you money and energy. Insulation is often misused, or steps are overlooked when installing it. In order to provide our customers with the best solutions on the market, we ensure our staff stays current with the latest learning and training provided by industry suppliers and associations.

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Professional Insulation Contractor

We provide home insulation installation and removal from new-build homes or pre-construction to upgrading an existing residential house. We offer a premium service and know that you have many options when insulating your home, which is why we aim to engage with advice throughout the entire process. After our team of professionals does all the hard work, you can sit back and relax in your more comfortable home, knowing you have made the right choice.