Commercial Unit Soundproofing In A Day!

Commercial Unit Soundproofing In One Day For Under $10K!

If you have a commercial unit in a plaza or office and you are disturbed by the noise of the business next door, the last thing you want is to spend a fortune on soundproofing and close for weeks. Fortunately, there is now a cost-effective way of soundproofing a commercial unit for less than $10,000 in just one day.


If a quick and affordable answer is what you’re looking for, we have the solution!


Commercial Unit Soundproofing of Shared Wall

Why Choose Our Soundproofing Solution

Let’s dive deeper into the specifics of our soundproofing solution. Our “Cellulose Dense-Pack Drill and Fill” technique is the quickest and most affordable way to soundproof your walls and ceilings. This innovative, cost-effective soundproofing solution provides maximum sound control for commercial units.

How does it work? We begin by drilling holes in every cavity and filling them with specialized equipment. Designed to absorb sound waves and dampen the echo, our cellulose dense-pack drill and fill soundproofing solution ensures that excess noise won’t disturb your daily activities. It usually takes a day to finish, and you can expect up to 60% less noise. With this solution, soundproofing is no longer a difficult or expensive process.

Dense and Heavy – The Perfect Sound Barrier

What makes our solution effective is its mass and density. By forming a mass barrier between two spaces, our cellulose dense-packed drill and fill soundproofing solution absorbs sound waves and vibrations, substantially reducing the noise that passes through.

Commercial Unit Soundproofing With Sound Absorption Panels

Adding dense and heavy material to a structure results in decreased vibration. It performs better because dense-packed cellulose at 4 lb density is 1.5 times denser and three times heavier than mineral wool sound batts. This superior performance means that our densely packed cellulose soundproofing solution reduces noise transfer more than traditional solutions, making the space quieter.


A Cost-Effective Solution

In comparison, you’ll find that mineral wool from your local hardware store has a density of 2.5 pounds and weighs 60 pounds per 100 square feet. Dense-packed cellulose insulation, however, has a density of 4 pounds and weighs more than 180 pounds. Cellulose insulation is also the more economical choice, as mineral wool sound insulation tends to be more expensive. This cost-effectiveness is another reason why our dense-packed cellulose soundproofing solution is so popular among our clients.

Remember to check out our dedicated Commercial page for servicing commercial unit workplaces.

Need more serious soundproofing?

We’ve got some heavy-duty sound barrier options here!

We can go further with science if you need serious airborne sound and impact noise reduction. About 40 decibels is an acceptable ambient noise level, and if you want to learn more about acoustics, look at our Soundproofing page. There are five ways to reduce sound when adding commercial unit soundproofing. 

#1 Decoupling Clips & Furrings

Decoupling can take many forms; some are separated between two objects to reduce the amount of sound vibration that can transfer. Its goal is to isolate vibration from one surface from vibration from another.

Resilient Sound Isolation Clip For Decoupling Walls and Ceilings.

Using Clips, Your IIC Rating Is Raised By Decoupling Metal Furrings From The Wall.

#2 Sound Absorption Panels 

Then sound-absorbing panels can be hung to reduce the sound even more. You can choose from different kinds of decorative boards and use your own graphics to make unique designs for you and your business. There are a variety of shapes, colours, and patterns to choose from!

Commercial Unit Soundproofing with Decorative Wood Pattern Acoustical Boards

Decorative Wood Pattern Acoustical Boards.

Commercial Unit Soundproofing with Decorative Landscape Image Acoustical Boards

Decorative Landscape Image Acoustical Boards.

Commercial Unit Soundproofing with Red Hexgonal Shaped Acoustical Boards

Red Hexgonal Shaped Acoustical Boards.

#3 Duct Acoustic Liners

Often, the ducts are shared between all units and will have to be addressed with sound-absorbing liners to mitigate the sound travelling from one unit to the other. We insert the liners into the register ducts.

A Shared Duct System Between Rooms Allows Significant Noise Transfer.

Add Acoustical Duct Sleeve Liners to Stop Noise Transfer!

#4 Acoustical Drywall

In contrast to the traditional drywall installation of 5/8-inch drywall sheets, this drywall has been designed specifically for acoustics. Acoustical drywall like Quietrock or Silent FX can drastically reduce noise as they have an STC of 46-80!

#5 Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Installing acoustic ceiling tiles in buildings can significantly reduce noise. They absorb sound, reduce echoes, and prevent sounds from travelling to nearby areas.

Acoustical Consultant

Moreover, we can also give you an acoustics report for commercial unit soundproofing if your project has special sound barrier needs. The sound engineer will do acoustic tests to determine how loud your space is and where the soundproofing could be better. This consultant will recommend the best materials for your space based on what will work to reduce the noise problems.

In conclusion, to sum up, a 2000-square-foot unit is usually less than $10,000, excluding the painting that will be necessary afterwards. Click Here to start your commercial unit soundproofing project!

April 2024