How Attic and Exterior Wall Insulation Benefits You?

How does insulation help your home?

You most likely do not think about your home’s attic and exterior wall insulation. After all, it has been there since your house’s construction, which means it is dusty and unpleasant. There may even be a possibility that your living space may not even have wall insulation.


Home exterior wall insulation using dense-pack cellulose insulation.

You may pay a higher monthly energy bill due to poor insulation in your home. This is because attics and exterior walls contain large surfaces through which energy might be lost. Adding insulation to your home will make the space seem cozier overall. Because of this, during the chilly winter months, you will feel warmer, and during the hot summer months, you will feel cooler. In addition, if you have old insulation removed and replaced with new insulation in your attic. This reduces the amount of money you spend on your monthly bills as it has a lifespan. In the long run, you will also save on energy costs from your heating and cooling unit running endlessly, costing you repair bills from overworking. 


5 Benefits of Attic and Exterior Wall Insulation

The following is a great list of some remarkable advantages of insulating your attic and exterior walls. Which explains why you should insulate your attic, ceilings, floors, and walls for a more energy-efficient house. Insulating your attic can benefit your home all year round, so consider installing it if you want to save money and energy.

Drill and Fill - dense-packing wall

Dense-pack wall insulation using the Drill & Fill method.

These advantages illustrate how insulating your attic and exterior walls may significantly contribute to your home’s comfort level. First, let’s have a look at these five benefits:


1. Reduces Up To 30% Of the Cost Of Your Energy Bills

By insulating your home, you can cut down on the monthly money you spend on heating and cooling your home. The primary cause of this phenomenon is the movement of heat. Heat escapes from within your home during the colder months, while during the hotter months, your cool air-conditioned air escapes. This energy loss can be reduced by installing adequate insulation in your attic and exterior walls, reducing the energy required to heat and cool your home.


2. Prevents Air Leaks

One of the greatest advantages of insulation is that it reduces the amount of air that can escape from your home through air sealing. It is estimated that air leakage through your ceilings, floors, and walls accounts for fifty percent of the total expense of heating your home. Therefore, if you limit the air leaks in your home, you may very quickly lower the costs of your utilities. [1] Loose-fill insulation is the preferred method for attics, and dense-pack insulation is better for your house’s ceilings, floors, and walls.


3. Maintains Consistency in Your Home’s Temperature

If your home is not adequately insulated, you may notice that the temperature in each of its rooms varies at different times. Have you ever observed that the rooms on your home’s upper floor seem hotter than those on the lower floor? Or perhaps you’ve noted how the various rooms’ temperatures vary. If this is the case, installing insulation in the attic and exterior walls is critical if you want to maintain a pleasant temperature in your home.


4. Ensures the Highest Possible Air Quality

Pollutants such as dust, air pollution, urine and feces from wildlife, and mould can be brought into your home from the outside environment. The use of attic insulation can assist in mitigating the negative impact that air pollutants, animals, and insects can have on a person’s health. The insulation you use can significantly prevent the aggravation of symptoms such as weariness, headaches, and respiratory problems. This is why we recommend cellulose insulation over fibreglass.


5. Increases the Value of Your Home

Investing in home improvements like air sealing, attic, and exterior wall insulation might be an excellent way to add value to your property. A good selling point is new attic insulation, even though it may not be something that prospective buyers see right away. It helps cut down on energy bills, protects the roof, and provides a comfortable and appealing atmosphere throughout the home. In addition, government programs and other energy rebates can assist you with your home insulation project.


How Do I Find a Qualified Insulation Company?

Many businesses assert that they provide services of a high standard, so it should not be difficult for you to find the best attic insulation company. However, suppose you want the highest-quality attic and exterior wall insulation services all-in-one to ensure you get the most rebates possible. In that case, you will need to hire a more reputable insulation company that can offer both services in Toronto to help you better take advantage of potential rebates. These businesses should be able to provide both services at the highest quality while remaining affordable for their customers. Click here to learn more about these programs and how we can get you started on your insulation project.


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May 2024